Youhanna Parvizinejad

IRAN, Tehran



Date of birth: August 1985




Professional Computer Engineering, Enterprise Systems Architect, Network Designer

Work Experience

Product Manager, Cafebazaar

Tehran 2017- 2018

     Datacenter and Network Product Manager

     Infrastructure Marketing

     High-Available Low-Latency Scalable Network Deployment (CDN Coverage)

     Datacenter Build feasibility Analysis


ITC Manager, Cafebazaar

Tehran 2016- 2017

     NOC Manager

     Server Usage Optimization


Infrastructure System Architecture, Cafebazaar

Tehran 2015- 2017

     Kubernetes/RHE OpenShift System Architect

     Virtualization System Architect


     Network Administration

     PaaS/IaaS Docker-based Deployment

     SDS Cluster Deployment (Ceph, GlusterFS)


Startup Technical Manager, Dotchin

Tehran 2015- 2017

     Infrastructure System Architecture

     Network Administration

     PaaS/IaaS Docker-based Deployment


CTO, Hamrah Afzar Iranian

Tehran 2014-2015

     Mobile Application and Mobile Back-End Service Development

     Design and Development of Mobile-Based Social Network

     Design and Development of Mobile/Web LMS System



DLMS/COSEM Protocol Developer, Niroo Research Institute

Tehran 2014-Present

Client-Side Development of DLMS/COSEM Protocol based on TCP and HDLC.


System Architecture and Developer, Information Technology Organization of Iran

Tehran 2013-2014

     High-Scale Real-Time Network Parental-Control System Architecture and Designer

     GPU-Based Image Processing Development


Linux Developer and System Designer, ISIRAN

Tehran 2012-2013

     Linux Kernel Customization (LFS)

     Network and OS Security

     Software QC and Testing


Network and Virtualization Administration, Saberan

Tehran 2012-2013


Geometry System Designer - Network Administrator, Tafahom

Tehran 2012-2014

     Network and Virtualization Administrator

     Geometry Designer and Mesh Generation


Artificial Intelligence Development & Internal Network Designer of

Surena III Robot, Advanced Vehicles Center of University of Tehran

Tehran 2012-2013

Worked on Iranian National Surena-3 Robotic Project.

     Nearly Real-Time (NRT) Artificial Intelligence Design and Development of Surena-3 Robot Project.

     Low-Latency Internal Communication Design and Development of Surena-3 Robot Project (Iranian Humanoid Robot) based on RT Linux Kernel.


IT Standard Editor, Information Technology Organization of Iran

Tehran 2012-2012

Codification of Iran Official National IT Standards.



High-Performance Black-Oil Reservoir GPU-Based Simulation

Development, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

Tehran 2010-2011

Design and Develop 2-Phase Black-Oil Reservoir based on GPU. ( 166x Speed-up in compare of commercial CPU-based software)


CTO, Sharif Mobile Communication

Tehran 2009-2011

BTS Management and Deployment (Phase 2 of Taliya Telecom)


Technical Manager of Sharif Cluster, Computing Center of Sharif University

Tehran 2007-2010

Network and Computation System Designer.

Manager of Sharif Cluster in the following Project :


     Design an HPC Cluster, Petro Rahbaran Company,2007

     Design and Deployment of HPC Cluster, Civil Engineering Department of Sharif University, 2008

     Design an HPC Cluster, Computer and Electronic Engineering Department of Tarbiat Modares University, 2008

     Design and Deployment of an HPC Cluster, Nano Science and Technology Institute of Sharif University, 2009

     Design an HPC Cluster, Computer Engineering Department of Kerman University, 2009

     Design and Deployment of an HPC Cluster, Civil Engineering Department of Sharif University, 2010


OSS/J Development, Iran Telecommunication Research Center

Tehran 2009-2009

     Telecommunication Management System development


System Architecture/Sysadmin, Sooren System Sharif

Tehran 2008-2012


Development, Sepehr Tehran

Tehran 2001-2002

     Game Development


Development, Honafa

Tehran 2000-2002

         Delphi and C/C++ Development (Automation System).

Research Project

Researcher for the following Project :


     Trust Measurement in Peer-2-Peer Networks Computer Engineering Department of Sharif University

     High-Performance Computing Cluster Computing Center of Sharif University

     Peer-2-Peer Networks IPM

     Grid Computing Computing Center of Sharif University

     Fuzzy based HPC Computing Center of Sharif University

     Telecommunication Network Management ITRC

     Cloud Computing System Computing Center of Sharif University

     Alert Correlation System (based on IDS Alerts) - Computer Engineering Department of Iranian University of Science & Technology

     GPU-Based Computing RIPI

Consultant Experience

Consultant for the following Project :

     IoT Server-Side Design,

     Telecommunication Integrated Management System ITRC

     E-Learning System, Enterprise Information Portal Load Balancing Sooren System Sharif

     Network Monitoring and Management Sanam Commercial Co

     E-Learning System, Datacenter Design and Hardware Architecture E-Learning Center of University of Tehran

     High-Performance Computing Cluster Sima Computer

     Educational Enterprise Portal Kerman University

     Load Balancing Solutions for Liferay Portal MCI

     Virtualization and Cloud Systems ISIRAN

     Network Security Improvement and Monitoring Saberan Communication


Computer Engineering Department/Iran University of Science

& Technology

M.Sc. 2010-2013

Major: Artificial Intelligence.


Computer Engineering Department/University of Kerman

B.Sc. 2004-2009

Major: Software Engineering

Computer Skills

Programming Languages

      C / C++

      Java (EE, Struts, Hibernate ORM & Search)


      NVidia CUDA


Operation Systems


      MS Windows

      Mac OSX






Other Skills

      MPI and Parallel Algorithms

      GPU Programming and Architecture

      C/C++ Optimization

      Familiar with Enterprise Portal

      Familiar with Project Management, Agile and Scrum

      Familiar with Apache Solr, Sling

      Familiar with Apache Tomcat

      Familiar with Message Queue (ActiveMQ, ZeroMQ)

      Familiar with ISO 9001 Quality Management (Introduction and Requirements and Documentation Certificates from TUV)

Network Skills

Operation System Administration

      Centos, Redhat Enterprise, Ubuntu Server

      Windows Server 2008, 2012



      VMware ESX (Familiar with VMware Relevant Solutions)


      Microsoft Hyper-V

      HPC Systems




      Familiar with Cisco, SMC, 3Com Switches

      Familiar with Unified Thread Management Systems

      Familiar Network Monitoring Solutions


Other Skills

      Familiar with Hardware Solutions (Compute, Security, Storage)

      Familiar with IaaS PaaS mBaaS Cloud Systems.

      Familiar with Network Topologies

      Familiar with SEO

      Familiar with High Availability and Fault-Tolerant Techniques

Mobile Skills


      IBM Strong-Loop



Programming Languages

      Familiar with Objective-C

      Familiar with Java Android

      Familiar with Xamarin